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Try and do one thing today that brings happiness to someone. It doesn't have to be someone you know, something as simple as a smile to a strange in the street. The important thing is not how what or why, but just to do something - in this sometimes impersonal and lonely world, today, show your humanity.

Are you happy? Most people who find themselves asking this question of themselves tend to answer 'not sure', 'no' or 'well, OK, but I could be happier'.

The funny thing is, that it is often the act of asking that question which makes you feel unhappy or question your happiness.

Today don't ask yourself any self-analytical questions, but just enjoy your experiences and what happens to you. Let the experiences of the day flow over you. Learning not to over-analyse or ask yourself constant questions about your own state of mind is an important life lesson and one that can contribute very positively to your happiness.