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Do not be afraid of fear - it is a natural emotion and one of the most basic and important feelings too, because it is fear that can help to keep us alert and to react to situations. But do evaluate what you are fearful of, and if you are afraid when you should not be, take steps to address the fear and master it.

Do not be afraid of failure, like so many people are. Failure is sometimes necessary in life. There is a quote that says those who do not fail, do not do anything, and there is real truth there. Simply remember to learn from failure, to take something positive from it, and failure can reward you many times over.
Do not dwell on your mistakes. It can be hard to put an error into perspective and it seems to be human nature to think more about what has gone badly than what has gone well. If you are one of those people that finds it hard to take compliments and is always looking for what you did badly, then cut yourself some slack today. Think about all the good things in your life and things that you do well. Be positive - you are as good as you think you can be.